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Evaporated Coconut Water - High Potassium (44 lb. Bag)

Evaporated Coconut Water - High Potassium (44 lb. Bag)

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Coconut water powder that easily dilutes in cold water, is free flowing (no clumping) and has guaranteed levels of natural potassium from coconut water. It has a salty characteristic from the high amount of potassium and thus is best in formulations that can cover the electrolyte taste.


  • 44 lb. bag in a box
  • >60mg of Potassium per 1 g of powder
  • Single ingredient
  • No clumping, dilutes easily in cold water

Applications: Sports Nutrition, Beverages, Snack Bars, Supplements, Smoothie Mixes

Ingredients: 100% Evaporated Coconut Water (No carriers or processing aids)

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